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Salem fire victims need your help

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Yesterday a close friend of ours Libby Rowe and her parents lost their Salem home and beloved dog to fire.

Unless you have personally experienced a loss by fire its hard to imagine. You aren’t just displaced and loose the comfort of your home, you also loose all your possessions; your TV, your clothes, your high school yearbook and all those stupid sentimental things we collect as we travel through life.


Many of you may know Libby or have seen her at various Salem outings, she is an active member of the Exquisite Corpse Dance Theater.  They have set up a donations page to help the Rowe family in their time of need.  You can help. While a cash donation (of any denomination) is great they also need the bare necessities (clothes, food, toiletries) so any gift cards that may help them are welcome.

Thankfully Salem has some selfless and caring neighbors as this new clip shows.  The Rowes were saved from their burning home by their next door neighbor Jim Raymond.

(If the video fails you can check out the news story on

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  1. Shaina says:

    We will also be accepting donations on the family’s behalf (money, gift cards, etc.) before and during DARQ, Salem’s goth/industrial music dance night this Saturday August 14th at Bangkok Paradise (90 Washington St. Salem) starting at 8:30pm. You do not need to come for the club night to make a donation; we will have someone to collect donations at the door for anyone nearby who would like to help the Rowes get through the immediate aftermath.


  1. […] The Exquisite Corpse Dance Theatre is led by Artistic Director Aepril Schaile she teaches bellydance here in Salem (and outside Salem for those not local), you can always find her around town.  Other troupe members include  Amelia Kurpeski, Libby Rowe, Shaina Rae, and Samara Martin.   You may know these ladies from Salem State, prior belly dance performances, some of the music events in town (most notably DARQ), Wiccan circles and most recently and regrettably  the news. […]

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