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Whats up?

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Where the F have we been?

Good question, here’s the skinny. As you know many of the businesses take a week off after Halloween.  We usually take a week also.  This year when our week was up there were a few changes.  One of our contributors is doing a semester abroad starting in January but headed out to scope living conditions and get all set up. Also, our photographer; another  major contributor just had a baby!

Baby Rose

Baby Rose

Thanks for the update, what’s next?

Glad you asked. We can’t do this alone so its time to ask for your help. We are currently looking for a few bloggers to help The Salem Insider and write a regular column.  Sound like something you want to do? Please read on…

Looking for Salem MA bloggers

We are one of the most read sites about Salem MA and offer a helpful service to both Salem residents and tourists looking for inside information about Salem Mass. In an effort to expand upon that we are looking for bloggers willing to discuss subject of specific interested to those groups.  Subjects include womens/mommy/family issues, Salem’s music and/or arts scene, and Salem history.

If you currently blog about those subjects and would like to expand your readership to the tens of thousands of readers we have per month let us know.

Not already a blogger? You don’t have to be currently blogging, if you are interested and willing share your insights with our readers on a regular basis drop us a line and we will be happy to give you the low down.

It takes a village (and all those other metaphors) so please, help spread the word and share insider views.

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