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Salem MA on Facebook

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Everybody is on Facebook these days, heck my grandmother is trying to send me growing flowers, drinks and updates on her black sheep in Farmville.  So it makes perfect sense that Salem Mass would find its way on to Facebook.



As is the case with most social media, the City of Salem is not in the forefront (they still don’t have a twitter feed for governmental updates like road closures, snow bans, amber alerts etc.) I’m sure they will jump on the band wagon eventually but until then the good people of Salem have found a champion on facebook by the name of Joey Colomba.

Joey started up a facebook fan page because like many people in Salem he loves the Witch City and very much like us he puts in his own time and effort, paid by no one because he wants to see Salem prosper.  Currently he 9,270 fans who see his musings, news stories and various info about Salem but he wants more.  He is on a quest to have 10,000 fans and I’m sure that with the help of readers we can get him there.

I recently spent some time chatting with Joey about his Facebook fanpage. After you are done reading this post you should head over to and become a fan. Tell him “The Salem Insider sent you.”

TSI: Joey, you have built up a pretty robust Salem MA facebook page. It doesn’t appear that you are employed by the City of Salem so what is your motivation?

JC: The main reason why I started the Fan page was to help local businesses in the tough economic times. The page since then has grown to a place for everything including local events or what is happening in Salem, MA.

TSI: Given the recent additions to Salem in regards to new shops, restaurants, bars and condos do you feel Salem is moving in the right direction and how do you feel about its future?

JC: This is a tough question, I honestly think having more business in Salem is great and will help the city grow economically and provide more jobs for local residents.

TSI: What are some of your places to go / things to see in Salem?

JC: I personally like going to the Salem Willows and some of the Museums in Salem. I also love eating at Engine House and for a quick sub at Bella’s

TSI: Has your facebook page connected you with more Salem insiders or tourists? Do you feel that both the tourists and locals view Salem the same way or are there obvious differences?

JC: Their is a mix of Salem residents and people who just love salem in general. I’ve been receiving phone calls and emails from people all over the world with nothing but postive feedback on the page and how much they want to move back to salem after seeing our page and whats going on with the city. It allows people to connect with salem without opening a local news paper.

TSI: If you could change something about Salem what would it be?

JC: Something needs to be resolved with traffic in the downtown area aside from this I believe the city staff is running Salem just fine.

If you have more questions for Joey or just want to connect with other Salemphiles head over to and become a fan.

Thanks Joey and good luck!

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