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Parking in Salem Mass – an update

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Tourism in Salem Mass sees a huge spike in October. Many people who come every year now take the Salem Ferry or the commuter rail but most people still pack up the car and drive to down town Salem.  Last year we wrote a travelers guide to parking in Salem Mass. Some of that info has changed a bit so we thought we would give you an update in case you are are planning to do your best Clark Griswald impersonation.

Parking in Salem for new residents

If you are a new resident of the city of Salem you might find that the area where you have been parking (if you park on street) in is blocked or reserved in October. Head over to the parking clerk or city hall and bring a utility bill and your car registration with you.  You can get a month of October pass which will let you park in resident parking areas.

Where should I park?

There are quite a few parking lots in the main tourist areas of Salem in addition to on street metered spots and the two garages.  We built a map to help you out a bit.

View Salem MA Parking Map in a larger map

How much will it cost?

Most metered spots cost $0.50 per hour and are enforced Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm.  Some spots have a max of 2 hours while others are only good for one.  Read the label on the meter to find out how much you need to pay. Some people try to park in one spot all day and just feed the meter every two hours.  However, depending on what meter maid is working the area you are parking in you might find yourself with a “meter feeding” ticket.  People who work down town have learned to move their car every few hours, tourists usually take a chance by feeding the meter but this can end in a big fat orange ticket.

Due to the success Salem is seeing with its robust nightlife, the parking garages now charge until 2am on Thursday – Saturday (Sunday morning) and are a flat fee of $20 on weekends in October.  Your best bet might be the MBTA commuter rail lot at $4.00 a day.  The walk to down town is a few minutes longer but ad the end of the day those few minutes will save you frustration and $16.00 As an added bonus the Salem News is reporting that funds have been approved for a six story 750 – 900 car garage at the commuter rail lot to be finished by 2011.

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    Do you know if an RV can park and the MBTA commuter rail lot?


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