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Hot fun in the summer time?

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Salem Common durring Snow Storm

Salem Common durring Snow Storm

Did you hear? It is officially summer.  I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing, if you look outside its been gloomy, dreary, rainy and all around craptastic.  People have been on the twitters moaning about having only three days of sun in June and how they want to beat up the weather man with a sack full of oranges.

Usually as-soon-as summer arrives I give you a brief overview of some fun things that are happening in Salem.  But this year I feel a little guilty telling you about the Rockmore being open when I haven’t even made my first trip over there this year.  I wouldn’t want you to get all jazzed up about the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival and their free events around town. It would be sour grapes to talk about the Salem Farmers Market that starts up tomorrow.

Maybe when the weather breaks I can give you more info on a weekly group motorcycle ride starting in Salem.  Show you some new photos of life around town. And introduce you to a few new faces in town including one rather famous blogger. Until then enjoy some of the fun things to do in Salem when mother nature is kicking you in the teeth.

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  1. John Bannick says:


    Thanks for tipping me off to the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival date.
    I shoulda known, but been too busy.

    John Bannick

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