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Top 10 signs spring has sprung in Salem

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With the weather here being a veritable roller coaster you might be wondering to yourself, is it spring? The following list should clear up any doubts.

10. Ding Ding.  The trolleys have taken their respective corners for the upcoming bout.

9. The lines to get in anywhere Friday night are getting longer while the skirts are getting shorter.

8. The seasonal migration pattern has brought a new flock of homeless to down town.

7. Light poles littered with signs directing you to the local ice cream shops.

6. The Public Works guys draining the water fountains every other day because they were turned into giant bubble baths.

5. Diving out of the way as short-pant wearers peddling pedicabs or riding segways fly down the walkways.

4. Bewildered tourists walking about town at 8AM looking for Dunkin’ Donuts or anything “spooky” open.  (Try the local coffee people.)

3. A proliferation of witch and wizard hats paired with flip flops and black socks.

2. Grateful Ted crawling out of his winter hibernation to play out doors.

And the number one sign that spring has sprung in Salem:

1. The triumphant return of outdoor seating; meeting your fellow Salemites under the stars for a frosty adult beverage.


Mojito by Arthur C.

3 Responses

  1. Motombo says:

    Re: item 2., Grateful Ted has been anything but hibernating all Winter, playing regularly around town as a solo act, duo with Pete Tentindo, and with his awesome band, Britannica. Catch them at the Lyceum next Friday, 5/8!

  2. Diane says:

    People who bought condos in the heart of downtown Salem begin complaining about noise from local bars.

  3. Stephanie Hagyard says:

    About what Diane said- how absurd- people need to think about buying something downtown- if you live there it will be noisy. That is why my husband and I didn’t buy a condo down in that area.

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