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The coronation of Barack Obama

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The queen of England had an elaborate ceremony, Pope John Paul II’s was broadcast around the world and  Napolean’s was ledgendary,  but they will all pale in comparison to the $150 million extravaganza being thrown when our exhaulted president-elect is sworn in as the next best thing to the baby Jesus.  While some people think this is a huge waste of taxpayer money and others feel this might be a historic event, we at The Salem Insider have resigned not to discuss political issues so we don’t have an opinion.  However, we do see that plenty of the businesses around town are looking to cash in on the popularity of the Obama celebrity by hosting events for you.  So, if you feel playing hookey from work to watch yet another politian swear to do all sorts of things is a worthwhile use of your time, then we have a list for you.

Presidential Inauguration Events in Salem

CinemaSalem’s Presidential Inauguration Party
Tuesday morning at 11 am,  they will open their doors for a free Inauguration Party, presenting the historic events from Washington in HD on their big screens. A while back they attempted to do some HD projetion of a TV which got mired in problems, but I am assured this is solved so this should go off smoothly.

A New Birth of Freedom 2009 Presidential Inauguration Celebration
New Birth of Freedom is a quote from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address which has been ripped off  adapted by the Obama camp as the theme for this year’s inauguration.  The Hawthorne Hotel will be paying homage to our 16th president by watching the 44th take the oath of office from 11:30am-4pm.

Gulu-Gulu Inauguration Day poetry reading
Gulu-Gulu Café will revive it’s poetry readings with an ode to inauguration open night night from  7-9 p.m.   Bring an “inaugural” poem — an original poem inspired the president elect or anythig political really; and strut your stuff on the stage.  Your poem can only be 3 minutes long and the first 20 poets to sign up get to read.  Don’t be shy, after watching a few poets you will be saying to yourself  “I should have done that”.

Rockafellas Inaugural Ball
For you high faluten types, the Rockafellas Inaugural Ball 2009  will feature an all-you-can-eat appetizer buffet and champagne fountain with music by the Mike Payette Band, from  7-11:45 p.m. This Toast to Obama’s inauguration with Rockafellas will cost you $15.

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