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Wine Wars

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Not too long ago we wrote a post called the Ice Cream Roundup in light of recent events we should do a follow up called Ice Cream Wars.  Which got me thinking – dessert purveyors are not the only feuding factions in town.

The Days of Wine and Roses

With all the subtly of a heavy weight MMA fighter, Salem Wine Imports opened up shop almost a year ago.  Even before the first bottle of wine was sold the usual cadre of Salem gum flappers were making quite the hullabaloo.  It would appear that the owner of Salem Wine Imports Eric, (whom I personally like) used to be the salesman who sold to Dianne (whom I also personally like) owner of Pamplemousse another shop in town that sells wine.

You can read all about what transpired and come to your own conclusions but now we have two great shops in Salem that have a good selection of wines. We the consumers win.

As with most businesses that have nearby competitors, each shop tries to promote itself and entice new customers with a variety of techniques.  Pamplemousse (who should learn a thing or three from our Your Website and You posts – their site has been “under construction” for way too long now) hosts wine tastings most Saturdays from 2-4pm while Salem Wine Imports (who needs to realize that if you have a blog you need to update it once in a while) does tastings on Thursday nights from 6-8.  I feel this is a healthy competition which again benefits us the consumers.

The dark side of the cork

We here at try to keep up on all the events going on around town so you the reader will know whats going on.  As such we often get notices and invitations to events happening around town.  I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately which makes me think there’s more than meets the eye in the land of corks and casks.

Take for instance the night of September 25th.  The Lyceum hosted Salem’s first Wine Expo.  This event  presented by Salem Wine Imports, The Salem Athenaeum and Historic New England was announced way back in July.

A few weeks back in my in-box I received notice of another wine event, Women & Wine Tasting.  The event  held at Laura Lanes Skin Care on September 25th,  featured wines specially selected from Pamplemousse.  Coincidence?  I think not.

This is not the first time a clash of the tannins has occurred.  Thankfully neither of these proprietors has sunk to the level of public nuisance or disturbance like our ice cream combatants.

Enough sour grapes, uncork the future and tell me what’s in store.

There are some great beverage related on goings in Salem in the next couple of weeks.  What better place to talk about the Salem Harvest Fest than this wine related article.

Salem Harvest Fest

Salem Harvest Fest

If you like wine, mead or artisnal beers then this is an event for you.  For $20 in advance or $25 at the door you will be able to sample over 60 different libations from all around the world over a 2 1/2 hour period.   This Saturday October 18th, from either 2:00-4:30 or 5:30-8:00 Pamplemousse along with Magic Hat Brewing Company, The Upper Crust and Rockafellas offer up some great selections at a great location – The Gathering, at 217 Essex Street Salem.

If you DONT like wine, mead or artisnal beers then check in with us tomorrow as we tell you about two other festive events that you’ll need a designated driver for.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I just want to make one point about Women & Wine Event at Laura Lanes. I am a member of this group that was started by a business owner of a Salem Shop who is female- and not Diane at Pamplemousse. It was started to have events to enjoy fellow women’s company and enjoy wine in various settings- at Restaurants/Bars, Pamplemousse & Salem Wine Imports and other places like Laura Lanes. Now your point may be correct in the picking of the date at Laura Lanes- who knows as I was not a part of that. But, I think the overall purpose of the group is a great addition to the Salem Community. I only post this because when I was reading the above, I could see how some who are not familar with the group could get confused and think that Diane may have started the group. That is not true- and I wanted to give credit to Colleen of Remember Salem for starting it after having success of a similar group when she lived in Boston. Feel free to view the website that is up and running at and you will note that the laura lanes event was posted by Colleen in the end of August.

    I just like to share what little knowledge I may have on something.


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