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Batten down the hatches – Halloween season is upon us.

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Just like the swallows returning to Capistrano each year, Salem has annual signs that Halloween season is about to begin.

Corn Stalk Decorations

Corn Stalk Decorations

This morning I saw our intrepid city workers carting out trucks full of fresh cut corn stalks and tying them to every available light post and street sign they could find.  Just think in a mere 36 days they will be dry enough to turn into flaming pop-corn dispensers by drunken revelers.

This year Halloween in Salem (and everywhere else for that matter) is on a Friday.  It’s going to be a freaking mad house!  There are so many great parties going on all through the month, starting with our Insiders Open House and coming to a climax with over 100,000 people swarming Salem’s down town on October 31st.

We will keep you abreast of all the great on goings in our fair city but be forewarned this is the first big weekend.  Perhaps the rain will keep some people away however, look for parking to go into lockdown with higher prices at the lots, more enforcement at the meters and resident parking stickers reqired on most streets.  You can head over to our parking primer for more details.

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