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Ice cream round up

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Much talk latley in the frozen desert realm has revolved around the NKOTB Rita’s, you might remember we did a review of them a little while ago. But the pinaccle of cool and delicious has to be Salem’s great ice cream palours.  Each of these shops deserves their own post and in time will probably get one but since Labour day weekend, the unofficial end of summer, is right around the corner I wanted to make sure you know your options.

Maria’s  Sweet Somethings
26 Front Street

  • Independantly owned
  • Great hard ice cream in a variety of flavors
  • soft serve available
  • extensive chocolate & goodies shop
  • located next to the old town hall

Captain Dustys Ice Cream
143 Derby Street
(978) 744-0777

  • chain shop
  • average hard ice cream above average portions
  • soft serve available
  • located in the wharf neighborhood by the House of 7 Gables

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop
60 Washington Steet

  • corporate owned hippyfest
  • all the flavors you know and love and find in your grocers freezer
  • located in down town by the court house

E W Hobbs
207 Fort Ave

  • independently owned, historically significant ice cream shop
  • home made hard ice cream
  • Located in the Salem Willows

Dairy Witch
117 Boston Street

  • independently owned
  • hard ice cream
  • soft serve
  • destination shop

Puleo’s Dairy
376 Highland Avenue
(978) 745-6455

  • independently owned ice cream shop is part of restaurant and dairy
  • wide variety of hard ice creams made on premises
  • low fat and sugar free options
  • accessible by driving

Do you have a favorite Ice Cream Shop?

Tell us where you like to go for ice cream in Salem.   Maybe you’re quote will make it in a future article about each shop listed here.  Or if you like to go somewhere not listed in this article, comment below and tell the world.

6 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    You left out one that I noticed and tried yesterday – Rita’s. They offer gelato and soft-serve (which they’re calling frozen custard). I had a misto (gelato + soft serve “shake”) and it was good. A few doors east of Fuel.

    We also like the Dairy Witch up on Boston St. for more traditional ice cream stand fare.

  2. Glen Hughes says:


    Thanks for the reminder about Dairy Witch (I added them to the post) they totally slipped my mind. I did talk about Rita’s and in fact we did a write up about them a while back.

  3. Carolyn says:

    After having wonderful, real frozen custard in Wisconsin two years ago, we’ve been on a hunt for it ever since. Found some (the real deal) in Needham, and have made special trips.
    Imagine our surprise to find Rita’s at the Salem Mall offering ‘frozen custard.’ Imagine our disappointment when we tasted their concoction that bears not the slightest resemblence to frozen custard. It tastes a bit like cold FLUFF. It has an overly sweet, artificial taste and texture. I should have known better..real frozen custard costs more than Rita’s poor imitation because it contains rich, real ingredients, not chemicals.

  4. Barb says:

    Could someone tell me , if that ice cream place on 114 is still there, I can see it as I type this. Right Side :O) I live in NYS and coming up next month, and I mention it to a few people. They had great ice cream, and childhood memories with my Aunts and Uncles. Thank you. Have a great week.

  5. To all of you who are not familiar with Richardson Dairy Farm… This is what is being sold at Maria’s, Polonus as well as select Grocery Markets. As good as it is…If you want Fresh Hard Ice Cream in the Downtown Salem area, I would suggest Puleo’s NEW store on Washington, but for a Healthy Fat Free,Cholestorol Free, Trans Fat Free as well as select Sugar Free flavors they are all “Made Fresh in Store Daily” from Fresh Fruit or Fruit concentrate and water, I would go to Rita’s Italian Ice on Essex just up from Red’s Sandwich Shop. They also have Real Old Fashion Frozen Custard made with Milk,Cream,etc… The Real Stuff. They also give you a free sample of any Italian Ice flavor so you can try before you buy, who does that anymore. It is refreshing and we can’t wait for them to reopen March 12th.


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