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Salem is a magnet for all things Goth. The majority of our tourist industry revolves around the execution of persons alledgedly involved in the dark arts – what’s more Goth than that? So it has always perplexed me that no nightclub promoters have attempted to start a night catering to that community. Add to that the thriving fetish, punk and independent music scene thats going on and it’s a no-brainer.

Vudu:DJ has heard the call and is stepping up to the plate with a new monthly night right here in Salem.

DARQ is a monthly night of Industrial-Goth-EBM-Fetish-Tehno music intended to bring the atmosphere local for folks “North of Boston.” With the connections created while in charge of the weekly event fetish/industrial night Domina, Vudu:DJ looks to bring the talent, both live and electronic, to his hometown. For those looking to expand their music knowledge and those that want somewhere local to get “creatively dressed.”

In a brief interview with Vudu:DJ he tells us:

Basically, Salem’s never had a regular place for people who like gothy music or the lifestyle to congregate. Having done radio in college, I came back to Lynn/Salem with a large cd library and nowhere local to play it. Bleachers was a possiblity, but I heard about a night that didn’t pan out there. And having worked at a tourist attraction for a while, it was depressing when out-of-towners asked where they could go “all dressed up.” The answer was always the same, sorry folks, Boston, ManRay, 30+ minutes away. Everyone local loved ManRay, but it was expected that Salem should have a musical “haunt” to hang out at, somewhere within walking distance.

With the proliferation of myspace, and performers within, (both DJ and musicians), there’s no reason the talent can’t make a stop in town on a regular night. Efforts were made not to conflict with friends’ events in Boston, and it was decided that the 4th Saturday of each month worked out best. However, the initial 3 nights will be on Fridays, before we move in September.

The most difficult part of running a night is actually getting a venue to let you have a night at. Salem has very few options, some very uncooperative, and very thankfully, the Bangkok Paradise is giving me an opportunity. With a fully stocked bar to meet everyone’s tastes, I’m rather proudly amused to say “Scorpion Bowls and Industrial Music!”

The DJ’s I have lined up cross the spectrum musically from 80’s goth/synthpop to newer industrial and goth projects.

Eventually I plan to showcase a live act here and there, and will play the up and coming music I hope all will enjoy as much as I do.

In order to keep with the ambiance, or “scene,” I am enforcing a dress code. BE CREATIVE! If you look like you’re dressed for the other downtown bars, then please come back next time with a different outfit. Individuality matters. Wear the darkest clothes you have, show your tats and piercings, have some cocktails and socialize, and most importantly, enjoy the music. I’m doing this for the community I love…

Here are the Details:

Where: Bangkok Paradise, 90 Washington St. Salem.

When: June 27th, July 18th, August 22nd, Sept 27th, Oct 25th, and Nov 22nd, so far. 10pm-1am

Particulars: 21+ $5 cover charge, dress code enforced.

June 27th will have a THUDfest ticket giveaway.
October 25th will also be night to remember, so mark it down. Details will follow, so check the websites on the flyers.

If you want more info or to keep informed, DARQ has it’s own myspace page. And to find out more about Vudu:DJ’s events and appearances check out his myspace.

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  1. crystalcookie says:

    awesome! ;D

  2. awesome night i look forward to coming down tonight


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