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The Upper Crust – new pizza in old down town Salem

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The Upper Crust
118 Washington St.
Salem, MA 01970

inside the upper crust

I had pizza from Upper Crust on Friday night and wasn’t too thrilled. We ordered a small two topping pizza (pepperoni and mushroom) and two beers. The pizza was quite large (14 inch for a small and 18 for a large) which I was thriled with, but that size came with an expensive price tag. Total bill was about $28.

All their pizza’s are the thin Neopolitan style crust. The toppings were fresh and I have to admit if you like thin pizza this was pretty good. The manager was chipper and friendly but the girls that took our order and served us were quite snooty.

Decor was cute with pizza pans hanging from the drop ceiling and mirrors on the wall but felt sterile, not very Salem at all. I don’t want to see every place in Salem be a clone of itself but I prefer a little life in my dining experience.

If you are a fan of over priced flat pie perhaps you should try the take out or delivery.

Overall Rating: C

16 Responses

  1. meredith says:

    i haven’t been to the upper crust yet, but i love rockafella’s for upscale pizza at a reasonable price!!

  2. Mr. Salem says:

    Rockafellas is a favorite of ours (we were there last night) and their pizza is delicious.

  3. Doug Bowker says:

    We think Upper Crust is the best pizza in town! In fact since it opened we haven’t gone to, or ordered from any of our previous favorites. Yes, it’s a higher priced pizza, but I’ll pay it for better quality any day.

  4. Mr. Salem says:


    Thanks for the feedback, I guess on this one we will just have to agree to disagree :)

  5. SAM GIANCANA says:

    $15 for a pizza – when every other place is 1/2 the price

    This is not Boston

  6. SAM ROTHSTEIN says:



  7. James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger, Jr. says:

    Snuck into Salem & was surpirsed on getting “whacked” when ordering lunch at the Upper Crust…. I even overheard an employe who stated to a new female cutie not to leave food in the basement besause of the gigantic mice problem….

  8. admin says:

    While I appreciate all the great comments, I would prefer if all the mobsters kept on point.


  9. salem pizza expert says:

    i think that the upper crust pizza in salem is over the top in price and offers a small amout of pain when looking at all the empty tables

    the question is how long will the upper crust corporate office allow this to keep operating at a loss?

    ROCKAFELLAS is the Best in Salem for Pizza, atmosphere & a FULL BAR & one of the finest antique building

  10. twice the time - twice the price says:

    I am not one to say a bad thing on a pizza shop, but this is one of the most “full of themselves” pizza shop. I ordered a pizza to my boyfriends condo on federal street and over an hour later with an ice cold pizza the driver delivered….the wrong pizza.

    Turns out that they try to sell a few different types of chicken pizza and then calling back was worse, i swear that the intellect of the person on the phone was at the grade of my three year old cousin.

    There is not a chance that pizza is for me @ this place.

    For a cheap good time always go to Ben & Jerries
    on Washington Street across from City Hall

  11. Mr. Salem says:

    @ twice the time

    Your account is echoed often by others I’ve talked to. Hopefully they can get a handle on their customer service.

  12. Erin U says:

    I am thrilled that Upper Crust has moved to Salem.

    I’m so tired of the North Shore pizzerias because they tend to either be greasy, cooked on corn meal in the oven, or too thick and doughy.

    Upper Crust makes a nice thin crust pizza that is cooked on flour, which leaves a nice flavor on the bottom of the crust. Plus the cheese and meats are all high quality and don’t soak through the crust leaving a greasy mess.

    I think it’s an excellent pizza for an excellent price and in an excellent location. Honestly, you pay for what you get and at Upper Crust you’re going to get a good pizza.

  13. Mr. Salem says:


    I would have to say you are spot on about pizzerias using flower as opposed to semolina. I personally don’t mind judicious use of semolina mixed with flower as it allows for better air flow under the pie reducing burnt spots, bubbles and ensuring a more even cooking of the crust. However some places have chosen to do away with flower all together which is just plain lazy.

    As for price and quality I think your sentiments may still be in the minority.

    It is refreshing to hear from a girl who truly knows her pizza. Thanks for the comments and keep them coming.

  14. Dee says:

    I thought the Upper Crust was the best thing in town. But, after going there frequently, it’s very inconsistent in quality. Some times, the pizza is cooked perfectly, other times, it’s over cooked, dry and the crust becomes tough. I’ve tried to special order my pizza, extra sauce, etc. Rarely does it come with the extra sauce and it’s 50/50 if the special order is acknowledged by the cook. Too bad. I think that if you’re paying $20+ for a large pizza, you should be able to put a request for it’s special order toppings.

  15. salem pizza expert says:

    i ordered a pizza for the 4th and after an hour, the pizza was cold
    it should not of been that long since i live with my girlfriend on chestnut street
    and this uppercrust is a two minute bike ride away on essex & washington st

    called back and was hung up on

    after $30 pizza you hang up

  16. Stephanie says:

    Everyone told us how great Upper Crust was. We were less than thrilled. The pizza was terrible and the salad boring. Very expensive compared to your local pizza house. Even Bertucci’s offer a better value.

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